Audio Osmosis vs. Audio Learn

After reading that several people had used Examkracker’s Audio Osmosis, I checked into it on There were many reviews who stated that although the material was good, it was also filled with a lot of sexist jokes/humor. Some people stated that the humor was almost offensive enough to interfere with the actual material they were trying to learn. A few people recommended CD’s called Audio Learn instead.
Comments on either/both of these?

I’ve listened to quite a few of the Audio Osmosis CDs and haven’t been deeply offended yet. Now, if remembering vic-diols because of a guy named Vic who’s got earrings that say OH on them hanging from parts of him (no, not THOSE parts!) offends you, then this is not for you. Some of the jokes are annoying, but I think that’s good for memory.
However, I’m pretty hard to offend.

People may have been offended by the CD, but I doubt it: it’s like something “Weird Al” would cook up. Be aware that posters on Amazon may have been trying to trash them on purpose (it has happened before and they addressed this).
Go check out their website for the 411 - you can actually email these guys if you have any concerns. And they give out free samples of their CD.
I loved the CDs and would recommend them to anyone (can you tell - totally unbiased opinion).

I agree with the Weird Al comparisons. I have the CD’s and nothing I’ve heard has struck me as offensive or off color. Frequently corny but not offensive.

I have these CDs and I don’t find them offensive , though the humor is really silly and goes on a bit too long. On the other hand, it can help keep you awake.

I am NOT endorsing any use of sexist material, but here is another perspective. Memory experts commonly say a good way to remember things is to attach what you want to learn to a nonsensical or controversial mental ‘image’. The thinking is that you remember the controversy, which helps you remember the material.
During my Princeton Review session, our Bio instructor gave us a VERY risque mnemonic for the Krebls cycle. I was very surprised he said it in class (but not offended - I’m an ex-Navy guy). Well, I have to say, 6 months later and I still remember that mnemonic like it’s yesterday. At least in the privacy of my own mind, I try to come up with very raunchy, risque, nonsensical stuff to remember things by. If it makes you giggle, or go ‘oooh’, you will remember it more often.

I used the Audio Osmosis CD’s, and frankly I think they were a bigger help to me than Kaplan was. I’d recommend them highly. Yeah, they do use some corny humor, but in my opinion the only people who would consider them sexist would be those with an axe to grind, or with extremely (and I mean extremely…) thin skin.

Thanks to all who gave their opinion on this. I ordered the Audio Osmosis CD’s a couple of days ago and hope to get them soon. Hopefully, they work!