Audion Osmosis CD

Has anyone used the Audio Osmosis CDs for studying for the MCAT/ Are or were they useful? I noticed that they were 200 bucks and wondered if it were worth the money. Thanks for your input!

Yes, yes, yes, if you are a good auditory learner and have time while walking the dog, driving, etc… You will need printed materials too, and some of the lectures need focused listening the first time round (i.e. not walking the dog).

I used them and loved them. I bought the books as well and did the program that they recommend on their website. I hadn’t had my basic sciences in 8 yrs. and I think the cds and books made a huge difference. I liked it much better than kapplan. I actually bought my cds on for around $150 I think. I then sold them for $80 on after I was finished so the net cost was around $70. You might check Amazon and see if anyone has used copies. Also ebay.

Thank you so much for your responses! I placed a bid on ebay for the CDs I think this forum is great!

I bought mine used from a local ebay seller. We met and I was able to verify the condition. Saved some money and found out the CD’s were only 3 months old! So far, the CDs seem great.
Now if Amazon would just ship the EK 5th Ed. bundle.
I used Kaplan for last August and was disappointed with my results. EK seems more focused on “know this, memorize that, skip this…formula provided on exam.” This coming from my vast 3 hours of exposure to AO