Auditing courses?

Hi everyone! I’m currently doing a DIY-postbacc through UCLA Extension and have completed the Chem & Bio series with good grades. I’m now onto Physics and I’m nervous it will decrease my currently decent GPA (3.85) and my small budget. I’m thinking of auditing the series instead of taking the courses for a grade since I intend on only applying to schools that don’t specifically require the prereqs.

Auditing wouldn’t show on my official transcript. From AMCAS: “Audit refers to any course you attended without attempting to earn credit, either formally or informally.” So I’m guessing I can report that I audited the course, but not sure how receptive schools are to auditing and if taking it for a letter grade is worth the risk of lowering my GPA. I want to learn the content to prep for the MCAT, but I would love to preserve my GPA & save money ($3000+ if I don’t officially take the series for a grade). I’ve considered trying to teach the necessary concepts to myself, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about this approach.

Does anyone have experience in auditing a course / putting it on their application? Or teaching physics to themselves? Thank you!!

Hi! Your question was covered during Session 174! We hope we answered your question and if you have any other questions feel free to post in the forums again!

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