August 2006 MCAT

Here’s our thread! Anyone else started studying yet?

I truly hope I won’t have to take Augus MCAT. But I really have not clue how I did. My plan is a follows:
10 weeks before August MCAT, which puts me at the beginning of June I’m going to start reviewing with ExamKrackers’10 weeks self-study guide. Hopefully a week after that, or at most 2, I should know the results of my April MCAT. If I’m not too satisfied I’m going to continue studying. If I think my score is fine I’m going to stop.

I don’t know what your schedule is like, but I did the 10 week EK study guide, and found out that I needed WAY more time than they suggested for most of the sections and problems.

You may want to give yourself some more leeway than exactly 10 weeks.


thank you for the suggestion.

But as I said before - I truly hope whatever I score will be enough for me not to have to retake it. Anyway, I don’t have time to start earlier, and hopefully if I have to take the test again, I’ll still remember a lot from my April studying, when I really put a lot of time into it. I’m taking full time summer classes and with my schedule I reallly cannot do more.

For now I’m waiting…

Ah, I didn’t realize you’d already taken it. You’ll probably be fine.

Hopefully I won’t have to take the August administration either - I wish I didn’t have to wait so long to find out!

Hi Skeeter,

I’m also doing EK, I started my 10-week course a couple of weeks ago. Did you already take the April MCAT? If so, did you feel that EK was sufficient preparation? So far it seems to be a very “focused” review course, not putting alot into extra details. Any thoughts, regrets, words of wisdom for those of us just starting the review?



I’m thinking about starting tomorrow. at least looking at that stuff. My April results will arrive 9 days from now…and hopefully they will be satisfactory enough so I don’t have to retake the test in August.

Any suggestions? Hmm - buy all the tests from AAMC and do these instead of EK tests…They are slightly different than the tests provided by the test-prep companies - at least EK and Kaplan.

Good luck.

Thanks! That seems to be the one piece of advice every med student has given me…practice practice practice. One non-trad at Tulane actually said he didn’t “study” that much but did practice exams constantly. Right now I have 4 AAMC exams and one EK. Do you recommend more AAMCs? How many practice exams did you do?

Thanks again and I hope all goes well with your scores. Keep us informed!



I did 12 practice tests. 3 AAMC, 1 EK and 8 Kaplans. I found EK to be the hardest. Kaplan’s were the easiest…but I guess only for me! All the people in my Kaplan class thought that Kaplan tests were much harder than AAMC’s. I didn’t think so. Probably b/c I took more Kaplan’s tests and just got used to their way of asking things.

I know it sounds like I did a lot, but I didn’t get close to the score I wanted. I never scored 30 on neither of these tests. But when I did short tests at the end of the EK chapters I did great. So I certeinly knew my stuff. I really don’t know where my problem was and how to improve it. Well - 9 more days and I should have better idea what next.