August MCAT/Applications?

Hello all,
Any advice as to when I should get my applications in if I’m going to take the August MCAT? Does it matter if I get them in first thing in June if they don’t “do anything” till the scores arrive?

Yes, get them in as soon as possible. The adcoms may not review your case until complete, but you are sure that all materials are in - recommendations, transcripts, etc. I tend to believe that they will put you into a interview/no interview pile early then final stamp it with the MCAT score.

Thanks for the help.

Do them immediately. I had half my secondaries before my MCAT scores came out in October.

I concur with the above advice. As long as you don’t mind the risk of losing all that application $$$ if your MCAT score isn’t what you want, get them in early. I also got several secondaries before my MCAT scores were released. I could have had my applications complete much sooner if I had not waited so long to submit. (Although, I still got in to 4 of 5 schools despite the late app)
Good luck.