August MCAT

I’m just wondering who else is re-taking the August MCAT after subpar scores. dry.gif I’ve personally got to improve my physical sciences section!! I also got my second choice of testing site, so I have an hour drive this time. blink.gif Good luck to all taking the test on Saturday.
Kathy in Richardson, Texas

Hi Kathy,
Yup, I'm taking it tomorrow, but for the first time - I hope I do not need to take it again in April!!!
I too have an hour drive, but then again, I have an hour drive in just about anywhere I go.
Goo luck to all.

Good luck to all!
Hope everyone taking the MCAT on Saturday has a good test-taking experience. smile.gif

anyone taking it in a power-outage area ? Hope you didn't have to do last minute studying by candlelight.
here's hoping you'll all have power and a/c at the exam site.

good luck to all the MCATers!!!

Good luck to all MCAT’ers and kick some MCAT bootie wooohooo! laugh.gif

It is over - done - complete - finished - kaput — that was the first thing I thought of when time was called - and I hope I do not need to fight this beast again next year.
So what did you all think?
I for one thought the PS was real easy - which means that everyone else did too, so the curve will be real hard to crack.
The VR was rough, and the BS was fair to midland. I was doing well until that last few passages which were all organic chemistry - my weakness. All in all, I think I many be taking it again next year.

I’m soooooo glaaaad it’s over. I agree with BACMEDIC. The test was easier than the practice exams and didn’t take me as long to complete. Some of the VR questions were ambiguous, with the passages tough to sort through.
I thought maybe all the exams were just easier than the practice and they planned it that way. Until the curve hits, we can just keep wondering. Now I actually have time to finish my TMDSAS and AMCAS applications. Then the secondaries sad.gif
Here’s to all that went into the arena and took the challenge biggrin.gif

Kathy, sorry to here that you had to drive 1 hour. I’m just up the road and I went to the DCCCD/Bill Priest Economic Development Center site in south downtown Dallas. Was that your first choice? How late did you register?
I would recommend that site for future testers. Our room was quiet and without interruption.

I have to agree with “Ortho”: thepractice tests were more difficult (invoked much more anxiety) than the actual…at least for me. The Phys. weren’t as bad as thougth to be, but yes, the verbal was very ambiguous during certain parts…Bio had some obscure passages as well.
All I can say is I finished all the parts (unlike practice tests) and for a rookie MCATer, I came out with an overall good feeling…I hope there’s some validity to that feeling! We’ll find out in 6 weeks or so. I hope everyone else who sat for the test had a good experience. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Just want to pop in here and say congratulations to everyone who just took on the MCAT!
It’s good to remember that many people do not make it as far as you have. Many have given up before taking the beast. You didn’t. Says something for your resiliency! wink.gif
Give those #2 pencils a rest now and enjoy something other than premed for a while! Take care…