Average age of forum users here


I was just wondering how old you all are and what your stats are.

I am 41, married with 2 teenagers, Started out as an LPN(GPA 4.0) then RN(GPA 3.67). Now I am back in school for a molecular biology degree. Sophomore by credit, but this is my first semester taken at a local university for a degree to get into a dentistry school. My overall GPA 3.82/ Sci.GPA-4.0

I live in Arkansa, but I am open to anyone for the evaluation of my stats.

I would also like to know how old you all are, where you are right now in terms of your dream path, finally your stats and what schools you are applying.

Darn! Asking for alot for a first post. If you do a search there are plenty of “stats” threads. Most OPM members have their age in their public profile.

Are you asking for the mean, mode, or median age? Just finished a semester of stats so I’s smarts now.

I’m done with Bio and 1 Chem. So I have Orgo & Physics left. For those specific schools I have Calc and Spanish left. Not to forget the applications…and then the MCAT…and then secondaries…and then interviews…and then deciding where I will go to school…and then reassuring my wife we will be fine with only her working…and then moving (G-d willing, I’m tired of Maryland…I would love JHU but besides that I don’t think I’ll stay in Merryland)

I guess that’s pretty much where I’m at.

My first degree was a BSN - I had a ~3.5 cumulative GPA, but was acutely aware that I hadn’t done the really hard coursework involved in doing pre-med… but I did really well when I went back to do my prerequisites at age 41 and got a 4.0 in over 30 credits of hard science. (Yay!) I got a 32R on the MCAT (12V, 10B, 10P). I did significantly hurt my chances by only applying to the two medical schools in my town that appealed to me – I don’t recommend this, by the way, but moving wasn’t an option – but I guess my overall application was good because I interviewed at both Georgetown and GWU and got interviews both places. I got waitlisted at both places, which was painful but eventually I got accepted to GW off the waitlist and entered medical school in August 2000. Fast forward to now … I turned 51 yesterday and will start looking for a Real Job As A Doctor in the very near future, because I will be done with my residency on June 30, 2007. It has been a great ride, I have no regrets, and I love what I do.



Whoooooooo Pig Sooooiieeee!!!

I too am from Arkansas - grew up in North Little Rock / Little Rock - moved to Dallas in the early 90s. Now, I am 40, married going on 12 years with 1x - 4y/o daughter (Dillon) and 1 female “bun in the oven” who is due to arrive ANY DAY & has yet to be named, officially. I am in the final 6 mos of my anesthesiology residency & have committed to undertake a 1-year fellowship in critical care medicine that will begin 1 Aug 2007…maybe I should be committeed?

Until 30 June 2007, I am the official leader of this clan of vagabonds - Geoff Aumaugher assumes the Chairmanship on 1 July 2007 - drinks to him!

40 yo (I turn 41 at the OPM conference… :wink:

Finishing my pre-med post-bacc this semester & taking MCAT in May (All the local seats for the April dates seemed to disappear in mere hours).

Married, but no kids… yet. {I guess my “biological fitness” remains to be proven. }

Working as an EMT / NA at a busy Urgent Care facility about 24 hours/week (mostly weekends).

Not entirely sure where I will apply yet, though I have some good ideas based upon geographic & statistical convenience.

The cliche’: “You’re only as old as you think you are.” has much truth (to a point… I don’t have the joints of teenager anymore, for certain!) You’re definitely never too old to dream, but you should be old [wise?] enough to know many of your limitations intimately.

Good luck, whatever you decide.



  • From Montreal, Canada
  • 51 years old
  • single
  • B.Sc, Math and Comp. Sc. 1978, GPA 3.7
  • Just completed 3 semesters of informal post-bac, full time, 44 credits, GPA 3.95
  • Applying to 3 universities: U.Sherbrooke, U.Laval (Quebec City), U.Montreal

When I started considering med. school 18 months ago, I really thought it only a very remote possibility things would pan out. Today, I have a very distinct feeling I may actually get in .

Exhilerating and scarry all at once.