BA vs BS??

Here's my sitch.
I'm an English major for a variety of reasons, mostly having to do with my buttload of credits already in that major from years ago. I can (obviously) still choose to go for a Bachelor of Arts or Science.
If I pick the BA, I'm home free as far as all my requirements go. If I pick the BS, I need one more intermediate math class.
The biggest reason I did not choose the premed path years ago was because I did not want to take Calculus, did not think I would do well in Calculus, and was pissed that I would even have to take Calculus. When I made the decision to go back to school, the idea of Calculus was my biggest hurdle to get over. I finally decided that one semester of anything couldn't possibly kill me.
And then I found out I didn't need to take Calculus. Neither of my state's med schools (WI) require it, nor does anywhere else I'm likely to apply to. I danced the whole way home, I cannot even tell you what a weight I felt was lifted off my chest.
But now I'm a little worried that my admission chances might be adversely affected by having a BA as opposed to a BS. Also, I had planned to take the non-Calculus physics sequence. I feel like if I wind up taking Calculus, I'm committed to the whole shebang. (Though I have heard that calc-based physics is actually easier than non-calc based – anyone want to comment on that?)
So, any words of wisdom out there?? I do know that I can knuckle down and do it if I have to. But, wow, if I don't… I'm wondering why I'd add that sort of stress to my already hectic life.
Thanks in advance for your input,
(P.S. – This would also mean Bio II, OChem I, and Calculus, plus Shakespeare, in one semester. Too much??)

There is no difference between a BA and a BS per se. The main difference is that a BS is a professional degree. In my undergrad (Rutgers University) you received a BA or a BS depending on which of the schools you were registered under. I went to the science school and received a BS in Biotechnology. However, if I were to have been registered to the liberal arts school, that same major would have landed me a BA in Biotechnology.
It has no bearing on medical school applications. If so, then only science majors would be applying and getting in.
As for the classes, I would not load up on too many technical classes as this may burn you out a little too fast. I would go with the Bio and Calculus and then with the Orgo and Shakespear.

Hi Mariket,
As an English major, I would expect that you would have a BA. As for application to medical school, it doesn’t make any difference as long as your pre-med courses are tight. If I had it to do all over again, I would opt for a BA in American Studies with a minor in Spanish; take my pre-med sciences and apply to medical school. I am finding that having all of this science and math( BS in Biology with Math minor and BS in Analytical Chemistry with Physics minor) hasn’t make any difference at all in my performance in medical school or as a surgical resident. Once again, major in what you enjoy so that you will do well. Don’t let anyone convince you that one major or one degree is really better. The final determining factor as to medical school acceptance is your GPA. Good GPA = MD/DO. Good luck!
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I just had to chime in because when I saw the thread title I said NO out loud! No, it makes no difference. Do well in your major and in your science classes and be able to talk with animation about the things that you enjoyed in school. That's what matters.

Ditto what Mary just said. I was thinking the same thing. laugh.gif Go for the BA, which is what you said would be easier for you and would make you happier. Med schools don’t care what your degree is in. I actually have a B.S. even though my degree is in journalism. wink.gif That’s just how my school coded it I guess.

An overly-delayed thanks for your input, everyone. It’s very much valued.
Off now to do the no calculus dance of ultimate joy… smile.gif

Woohoo for you! I'm in Wisconsin as well, and am considering a non-calclulus happy dance of my own.
The other cool thing to think about with the non-calc Physics is that's what the MCAT is: non-calc based.
Happy dance for you!