Baby James

At my last pre-natal check-up at 24 weeks, upon listening to his fetal heart tones, the baby began thrashing about in the womb! He had been quiet that morning prior to this, and immediately settled down after they removed the doppler! A few loud ‘kicks’ were heard through the speaker as well. Supposedly his ears weren’t formed at that time, but I wonder if he felt the waves propagating in the fluid? He really didn’t seem to like it…looks like I am in for a feisty one!

Then last night My husband was able to feel him moving about for the first time! It was so exciting! He was really doing aerobics or something…

Ahhh, the first movements of the little one. Boy, I remember those days! Cherish them because in what may seem a little while, his voice will be as deep as his father’s and the girls will be calling on the phone! Congratulations to you and your husband! Have a great next 16 weeks!