Back, again!

Just wanted to re-introduce myself, and say how glad I am to get back to this forum! I’ve missed lurking. Anyways, my name is Kyle, and I am on the long path to get to where I want to go. A shortened version:

Graduated in May '06 with a Bachelor’s in English, 3.57 gpa. Decided to go post-bacc, but was rejected by the 5 schools I applied to. So, I decided to stay at the state college I had been attending, and do it on my own. I took Chem, Physics, and Biology my first semester (per the pre-med advisor’s directions), and lasted just under a month. Then I dropped it. I had never had to work so hard at something in my life, and was doing poorly. Looking back, I should not have taken 3 classes at once, but oh well. So instead, I was accepted to graduate school at the same university, and am now studying Youth Development. I will finish my Master’s in a year and a half, and at that time will be re-applying for post-bacc pre-med programs. I am very much enjoying my graduate work, but I really think that medicine is where my heart lies. I know it will take over a year longer to finish my Master’s and then go pre-med, but I think it will help strengthen my application (I am holding a 4.0 right now), as well as providing me ample opportunities for volunteer work in a medical setting. Not to mention, I need the letters of recommendation from my thesis committe.

Anyways, sorry for the length of this post - any suggestions would be appreciated. Stay where I am? Quit grad school and go straight to post-bacc? I’d love some input, if anyone has anything.

Finally, just wanted to say again that I am really glad for this forum, and wish everyone good luck!

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English majors represent!

As I am sure you know from lurking here, you don’t need a formal post-bacc. Can you squeeze the prereqs into your schooling while getting your masters? Maybe just a class or two? It seems to me that finishing your masters might be prudent, as it will show dedication (plus it sounds like an interesting program). How time-consuming of a program is it?