Back in the school fray

Update on me, for anyone who may be interested
Finished my campaign work on election day. Voted in person in DC. My last week was in Florida – with a black convertable – fun! (Have to see some bright side in that).
Was home for a few days and then off to Little Rock to work on the Clinton library opening. Was there about two weeks. Kicked myself for going at first but the ceremony itself was great, despite the rain. Was able to take a tour with the press the day before the opening and they are putting up a wall with the names of the people who worked on the opening and on getting the library built, so I have a small piece of history. That alone made the work worth it.
My photos are here .
Now I am back in DC and may help with some press for some concerts for the tsunami victims and classes start next week. Am doing Orgo 2 and bio chem plus Kaplan. If I don’t think I’ll do well in April will take the test in August.
Good and bad news on the health front. My blood count dips from time to time and it lands me in the hospital. My only real New Year’s resolution is to stay out of there. My GI doc says my new stomach is friable, which causes it to bleed. Spent a few days in Sibley and then another few in Georgetown. None of my veins in my arms work for IVs or getting blood and they had to go with my foot last time. The good news is this all happened a few weeks ago and since I have been doing A LOT of sleeping and I actually feel like a human again. I can eat almost normally, and as I said someplace else, Indian food works best (followed by Italian). I think I am ready for the semester.
Thanks for letting me vent.

Hey! Thanks for the update! Congratulations on getting your name in the Clinton library.
Good luck with classes too, and with the New Year’s resolution.