Backup Plans--What Are Yours?

I am really enjoying studying my pre-requisites but also know that it would be too Pollyanaish to think that I will float into med school after all of this hard work. I am looking at applying to a PhD program in Clinical Pysch as a backup in case the med school dream does not work out.
What other backu plans do other people have? I am just curious…
E Lynne

Good Morning!
Besides wanting a career that would allow me to do things a lot of allied heath professionals do not get to do in medicine that has a storng critical care background, the other reason why I chose to divert off of my medical school goals to become a Respiratory Therapist was to do be able to do something satisfying and enjoyable if I do not get into medical school. The money is not too shabby and, you get to work with some neat upcoming technologies as well. Also, the field of Respiratory Care is very diverse so, you can “specialize” in a variety of areas as well as teach. My clincial director told me last week that he fells like if for some reason I do not get into medical school that he feels I will enjoy being a Respiratory Therapist and, he is very correct. My other plan is possibly to go to PA school and become a Surgical PA but…I’m not quite convinced about that yet… Take Care!


I am looking at applying to a PhD program in Clinical Pysch as a backup in case the med school dream does not work out

I was a psych major and was told that clinical psych programs are so competitive that getting in is just as challenging as getting into medical school - high GRE, great refs, research publications needed. Is this still the case now? What have you heard?

I too will be applying to a Clinical Psychology PhD program as a backup. Although, as difficult as it is to get into the program (almost 300 apps for 9 seats at my school), perhaps it’s not much of a backup plan !

back-up plan is to improve my app and try again. 3 rounds and still no bites? not sure. I don’t really want a different advanced degree, I want to help people (yet still be able to pay off my student loans) so I might consider a PA program or even dentistry, but not after trying like crazy for the other.

Some of the other things I’m considering besides medicine, in a rough order of consideration:
science research
physical or music therapy
I’m hoping it will all become clear to me next year when I’m in school full-time (as opposed to working and studying and all other kinds of running around).

I guess you could say that I’m already pursuing my “back up” plan which is to continue working on my PhD in pathology until I get in.