Baffled ...

I am 48 years old. Since 2005 I’ve been enrolled in a post-bacc premed program that has morphed into a Masters degree (Neuroscience) with a gpa of 3.7, six very strong letters of recommendation, plenty of clinical and community service, and scored a 27 mcat last year, and a 32 this year. I’ve applied to 18 schools, and have receive 8 rejections, and zero interviews. Anyone have an idea why no interviews? I’m in NY and even the SUNY schools are saying no. Last year, U. Iowa told me that (aside from a 27 mcat) I was an “exceptional candidate” … they suggested the Masters (which will be complete in May) … and even they haven’t granted an interview.

See my post in response to your other post. I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer for you. I don’t know if being a re-applicant might factor into it for you or not.

I’m sorry that you are not having better success this year.

There is no real answer to your question from the people here. The reason is that, yes you are a good candidate from our perspective but what is the perspective of the school?

There is no harm in calling the school(s) that you were rejected from and ask why and what you can do to strengthen your application should you choose to reapply next year.

The question for me would be, did you only apply to Tier 1 schools (Harvard, John’s Hopkins, etc), did you apply to your state schools? (this is especially important for California and Texas where you have to be supper exceptional just to get an interview if you are out of state).

I think your first course of action would be to call the schools and find out.

Thanks - your comments are appreciated. I’m in NY, and I’ve applied to about 15 schools, not top tier, places where my scores are more than competitive. Most recently, my application was rejected by the SUNY schools. I can’t figure it out; it’s quite frustrating.


Sorry to hear of your difficulties with the interviews. Did you apply to D.O. schools as well or just M.D. schools? If you are not opposed to D.O. schools and have not applied, I would suggest you do.

Best of luck!