Balancing work and studying

so i’m assuming that many of you work full or atleast part time in conjunction with pursuing your pre-req’s, studying for MCAT, etc. i am curious what kind of studying habits and time management skills you have come to use and find work well. i work full-time, 7:30a to 4:30p, and it is often very stressful and hectic (my boss is into overloading; when i tell him i have too much to do, he simply says “no you don’t.” rolleyes.gif ). after spending time with the family, i am often beat in the evenings!! so how do you all do it? do you study in the a.m.? while at work? on lunch? at night? any good techniques to share? thanks for your input!!

My schedule usually works like this:
Work from 8:00- 4:30
Study/read during commute from 6:45 - 8:00 and 4:30 - 5:45
Power nap from 5:45 -6:00 (This REALLY does help)
From 6:00 - 8:30 it's quality time with my daughter (I'm a single parent)
MCAT study form 9:30 - 11:30
Because of the work I do (cancer epidemiology) I can usually squeze an hour of study at work per day as well. I've found that reading journal artilcles for my work is a GREAT preparation for the verbal section of the MCAT.

I try to spend a couple of hours every day spread over the day before work, at lunch and after my daughter goes to bed.Usually Im too tired late at night to do anything serious so I usually get up early to study and do stuff like filling out the amcas late at night (or checking this website when I should be studying!).<br />I cant do this every day due to the inevitable work deadlines and crises but then i try to make up for this by doing a marathon all day session about once a week (with very short breaks for house work and playing with my daughter). I listen to audio osmosis too to reinforce the lessons in EK, which is what I mainly use to review. I listen to these when Im doing something else - like house work or travelling.<br>Im using 3 weeks of my holiday in the next month to study too.
I dont know if this is going to be enough. If work allowed it I would have taken more time off without pay. But I had a new boss start last month unexpectedly and, while a very nice guy, hes into reorganization madness, which creates alot of extra work for me. Its frustrating.<br />The mistake Ive sometimes made is not getting back to studying quickly enough after being distracted by some work crisis. Which I`m getting better at of course now that the pressure of the exam is getting closer.
Good luck!