Baltimore Sun story

Does anyone know anything about a story being written by a Balitmore Sun reporter? I was contacted by email today by a man who says he is a reporter doing a story on older medical students. I have no idea how he got my email address and wondered if anyone else has been contacted and/or knows anything about it? If its legit, I think its great!

I’m here in Baltimore and haven’t heard anything about it. But back when I was a pre-med in a post-bacc program here, the Baltimore Sun did a story on four of us that were in the program at the time, so it wouldn’t suprise me if they were going to go at if from the med student angle. Enjoy the experience, it’s pretty cool.

I got interviewed for an on-line magazine while a student and it really was very enjoyable. I had a lengthy phone conversation with the reporter followed by some e-mail Q and A. You can read the result here.
I can google myself and find several different links to this article which is cool.

It is apparently legit. I was also contacted by this guy & given mucho contact info for him. He also asked if I would be willing to provide contact info for a few members, specifically Dr. Renard. I plan to call him tomorrow evening. I will feel out the situation & post back here my read.

oh great he’ll call me post-call from the ICU and I’ll say something that isn’t coherent or even in English, probably

Well, I sent back my phone number, but no word from the reporter yet…

Thanks for that article, Mary! I sent it on to family (who think I’m nuts for giving up my comfortable and VERY in demand nursing job!)


family (who think I’m nuts for giving up my comfortable and VERY in demand nursing job!)

You know what, I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING. Yes, intern year sucks in many ways and oh my God, I am tired. So tired. But then I get up and I go to work and I use more of my brain than I realized I HAD and I actually make a difference in people’s lives. There is nothing to compare with the exhilaration of using your brain and your heart to make such a huge difference in whatever little ways you encounter on any particular day. I love it, I do, and it has been worth every moment. Kathy, you won’t regret it, I know that for sure.