Been away for awhile, but now I am back

Hello everyone…it has been some time since I was on here. Matter of fact, poor Theresa had to grab my attention by sending me a private e-mail.
Whats been going on with me is that I have fallen into the dreaded statistics of “divorce.” My ex kept the computer along with the payment that came with it, so I really didn’t have a way of getting on here.
Right now I am in my second semester working on my EMT-Intermediate. It is a blast and I am really glad I decided to take this detour on my way to med school.
I have run across a road block however. I am not sure if it is really possible for me to continue forward with my goals of becoming a doctor. I am 31 years old, still working on my bachelor’s degree (probably about 3 years left). I decided to go the paramedic route, because it would only delay me 4 semesters, and then it was back on track with my bachelor’s and pre-med reqs. Plus, I could get experience into the medical world, that would involve a paycheck. rolleyes.gif
My fear is now being a single mom with 2 and trying to give them a life. The thought has crossed my mind to go in the direction of RN. There are programs out there that you can transition from paramedic to RN. Why would I be going the RN route instead of the MD route? Simply for the money. Knowing that I would be finished with school a lot sooner, and I would not be struggling to keep a home for my girls. I would be able to buy them things, take them places…things that I am not sure I would be able to do if I continued on my path to med school. Another thing is that I would have to stay here in the area (Houston). That gives me 3 med schools to choose from.
I know in my heart what I want, but feel I am being pulled in different directions. My biggest priority is my children and making sure they do not suffer from my decisions. I am already amazed as to how well they are handling the divorce. They seem happier, their grades have improved…matter of fact they both brought home straight A’s. They are great kids, but do demand my attention.
Well I will quit rambling…I would love to hear any input y’all might have.
Hope to see y’all in DC, if I can get approved for this credit card then I will be there, if not…well I won’t be able to make this trip.
Take Care

Hey, I have gone the paramedic and RN route and am finishing my pre reqs now for med school (woohoo last semester). I see your difficulty with the kids, but it will never be too late to follow your dreams. If nothing else, you could work as a medic or RN for a while after your pre reqs and get settled in some, then apply for med school. Just keep trying and follow your dream. Good luck with the medic and/or RN.

Good to see you back on the forums! Hope you’re still talking to me after the Houston meeting fiasco! sad.gif
I gotta run and start shuttling the kids for the after-school stuff but wanted to say Hi!

I hear ya. Having invested a lot of time and energy into my kids, I don't know that I could have done it differently. Reading your heartfelt struggle, I feel perversely grateful that I didn't realize my calling to be a doctor until my kids were well on their way to being independent! What I mean is, had I faced the decision you're facing - I honestly don't know if I would have been able to push myself into the med school track.
Everyone's different, and those who ARE going the med school track with little ones, I absolutely am not criticizing. I just don't think it would have felt right for me.
To this day, even knowing how much fun I am having as a medical student and how much I look forward to being a doctor, if someone told me that I absolutely, positively had to choose between the amount of time I spent with my kids when they were little, and becoming a doctor - I'd choose the time with my kids. I guess I would just figure out some sort of workaround for the rest of it!

Mary I know what you mean, and I will always choose my kids over school. So far I have managed to always be there for them while being back in school for the past 2 years. It hasn’t been easy, but I have managed. I figure that if being a doctor is my true calling, it will just have to be patient with me and let me raise my girls. Their futures are far more important than mine. I will just take it day by day (semester by semester) and see where my path takes me.
And Theresa…of course I am still talking to you rolleyes.gif Are you planning another get together, or are we going to have to wait until the end of the semester now?
Are you planning on going to DC?

Thanks for your post. It is always nice to know that others have gone similair routes. So have you been working as an RN now while doing pre-reqs or just finishing up your transition from EMT-P to RN?

Thanks for your post. It is always nice to know that others have gone similair routes. So have you been working as an RN now while doing pre-reqs or just finishing up your transition from EMT-P to RN?
I have been working as a paramedic full time(48hrs/wk) and RN part time. I like the medic a little better, more autonomy. But I like the few extra skills as a nurse so thats why I do it some, and the extra money.

Seeing that several of you have gone the paramedic/RN route, I just wanted to let you know that the opening speaker for this year’s conference, Dr. Randy Hunt, went the same pathway. He will be an inspirational speaker for those of you who are able to attend, so try to fit it into your schedules! smile.gif

Sorry to hear of the divorce (or maybe it's a good thing). I don't know how old your kids are…but I'm going through this…and my kids are 3 and 5. I kind of figure it this way…and this might very well be selfish…but having a miserable, unhappy mom would probably do WAY more damage to them than having a mom that is on the go, studying, and sometimes away. It's easier for me to say since I have backup support. I feel your pain though and I wish I had help for you. I think what it comes down to is reaching down into your heart and following the right path.
Maybe you could talk to your girls and ask them what they think??? Maybe they'd be ok with it. It sounds like they're school aged, so you might have the advantage of reason that I don't really have with my boys. Talk to them…and if your passion is there, and it's right…there's always time now or time later…
Take care!