Been lurking for a while, but now it's official

Hello from Austin, TX,
I have been considering going back to school to become a physician for several years (since 1998 at least), and now I finally feel like it’s going to happen. I resigned my job as a network engineer (WAN/LAN networking) in April of this year–I had been with the company for 3.5 years–to flip-flop with my wife who was a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). I have been a SAHD now for three+ months and am LOVING it. My boys are Ben (b. 10/01) and Jack (b. 10/03). My wife is a home-health physical therapist and enjoys her work tremendously.
Well, I have registered for BIO I and CHEM I at Austin Community College this fall semester (8 hrs) and am anxious to get started. My BA is in anthropology, which, despite the -logy suffix, is decidedly not a “hard” science. I minored in Spanish and read/speak it fairly well. I started out as a Biology major in 1990 (at UT-Austin), but quickly switched to anthropology after earning Ds in BIO I and CHEM I–I had a penchant for skipping class for weeks at a time, as well as missing a test here and there :slight_smile:
One of the main considerations for me was where to take my pre-reqs: ACC or UT-Austin. I have decided to take the vast majority of the courses at ACC for the following reasons: by all accounts the quality of the course material and professors (all of whom have Ph.D.s) is very good (modeled on UT-Austin’s basic science curriculum); cost–enough said; and the consistent availability of classes in the evenings held at a campus close to home. I corresponded with some admissions folks from the med schools here in Texas, and the feedback that they provided was very positive with regard to taking pre-reqs at ACC in particular. I do plan to take some upper level science classes at UT-Austin in a couple of years–i.e. when the kids will be attending school part-time during the day. I will also be invoking academic fresh start so that only those classes taken within ten years of declaring fresh start will count for GPA purposes TMDSAS Fresh Start info.
I am deeply grateful for the wealth of information and sage advice offered by those OPMers who have seen the other side, and I promise to reciprocate in due course.
If anyone has any questions about Texas medical schools or pre-reqs, I am happy to help.
Thomas Willingham

Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the group. Feel free to post from time to time and let us know how the courses are going. Also, post pics of the little guys so we can see how cute they are! We are a friendly bunch and we have been though many of the things that you have yet to experience. We can be your encouragement or just sympathetic ears to air your frustrations (yes, there will be plenty). Great to have you on board!

That Spanish minor is going to come in handy too!


Thank you for the warm welcome, Natalie.
I feel like I already know so many folks who regularly participate on this board, including you, and I whole-heartedly agree: You are a friendly bunch.
BTW, I am in awe of your pursuit of general surgery. May the force be with you. We need more surgeons like you.

Welcome Thomas, and keep us updated!

Hi Thomas and welcome.
My daughter is a Texan. She was born in Austin although we left when she was a baby and she is 9 years old now. Sounds like you have a good plan as to how you are going to tackle your undergrad/postbac years. That is good.
Good luck!!!