Being a prarent in Med School in NY

Hi all,

I am just starting premed, and realize that if I am going to have children in my life, it is going to happen during my pre med or my medical studies (by virtue of my current age). Problem is, childcare in the NYC area is prohibitively expensive (about 20,000 a year from what I can tell of the local day cares). My husband loves his job here, though, and the pay is right, but not enough to pay for child care.

So my question is, how do those of you who are parents, especially in cities where child care is pricey? I wonder how we would pull this off?

you can add the child care costs to your cost of attendance for the student loan. That is what we did, along with shopping around.

What you may also want to do, is speak to some other mothers in the area and agree to share a babysitter. Basically, hire someone to come to the apartment and have 2-3 more moms drop off their little ones and split the cost.