Being Verified!!!

I just checked my app and I am in the verification stage. So far, no problems. I am so excited!!

Now comes the hardest part! Waiting for the interview offers to start rolling in. Good luck. Do you have any favorites yet?

Aaahhh, but before the interviews come the secondaries.
Get that spellcheck warmed up! As you write the essays for your secondaries, be sure to keep them in your computer. A lot of schools ask the same basic questions, and with a little modification you can take a good essay and reword it just for them!
Best of luck! It will all begin to happen quicker than you think

UNC-Chapel Hill is my #1 choice. It's 20 minutes from my home and relatively affordable.
Eastern Carolina is #2. It's 90 minutes away and also relatively cheap. However, they are very into the rural medicine thing and I am all about urban medicine.
BUT, Ill go anywhere really!!