Best First Step

I am in my early 40’s now and have had numerous false starts with regard to applying to med school. Undergrad GPA 3.9’ish (old prerequisites/biochem degree/published) and beginning of graduate work at Teachers College Columbia University in Nutrition Education GPA 4.0. All coursework is 10+ years old. Worked as a MA for several years, but again, that was 10+ years ago, as well. Life, consisting predominantly of family illnesses and being primary caregiver, has had much to do with this huge delay. Currently NED (3+ years) from bc dx, but this is what has prompted me to move forward now…as you can imagine, that was a major life changing, wake-up call!

Sorry for the long summary, but I don’t even know where to start now. I had thought that preparing for and acing the MCAT was my first step. However, upon reading other posts, here’s my question:

Should I, perhaps, complete my MS at Columbia first or even retake my prerequisites? Should I focus on the MCAT, as previously planned? If more recent clinical experience and/or volunteer work is required, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.