Best Non-Traditional Med Schools???

I have been told that there are some med schools that really “cater” to and actively search for non-traditional students. I am 33 years old and have five children. I had gone through my undergrad with only three and finished my MBA with all five children while owning and operating two of my own businesses so I am certain that I can keep up with the demands of med school.

I am divorcing now so the businesses have gone way-side, but I am now teaching Biology at two community colleges. I also am an International Exchange Coordinator for foreign students (volunteer organization) and volunteer in the community for many youth and school sponsored events.

I just took my MCAT (again) and am pretty nervous that I did not do so well. Is there anyone who has some advise on the things I should focus on to be able to gain admission for this next school year or the schools that would be best to apply to? I have my AMCAS app. almost complete (finishing essay) and am now debating on whether I should change my choice schools for application.

Thanks for any suggestions

Stephanie Kidd

I’m not sure where you’re located, but I have been researching post-bacc opportunities, and one program that seems very friendly to non-traditional students is the University of Louisville. I know you’re asking about actual med schools, but I figure if the post-bacc is friendly to non-trads, then the med school must also. I think Ohio State is friendly too. Best wishes,


I think if you want detailed advice you’ll be better served if you can give us a better idea of what your last MCAT scores were, and how “not good” you realistically think you did. It’s a little late in the application cycle in the sense that schools have already started scheduling interviews.

If your grades are good and your MCAT turns out to be more solid than you think (which often happens), then your state public med schools are a good first choice, then less expensive private med schools, and don’t forget DO schools, which are often receptive to the broad range of experience non-trad students can bring to the table. But whatever you do, either do it quickly or think about doing it next year. Time’s marching on very quickly!

Stephanie -

Don’t fall into the “non-trad” friendly trap. If you are a well-qualified candidate, most schools will not care if you are a non-trad. There are some schools that will tell you in an interview that they like non-trads (Cincinnati comes to mind), but I think you will get fair consideration at most places if you have a good application.

Speaking of applications - - GET YOUR APPLICATION IN ASAP!!! I know that the deadlines for application aren’t for awhile, but nearly all schools do rolling interviews/admissions. The longer you wait to submit your application, the bigger disadvantage you put yourself at. Many schools will give you a secondary even without an MCAT score and you can have those secondaries done and LORs submitted so that your application becomes complete as soon as the MCAT scores come out. Plus, don’t forget that the AMCAS verification process CAN be several weeks. Schools are rapidly filling up their interview spots and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some schools are already scheduling into december and january.

Welcome and good luck!

Remember, there aren’t a lot of non-trads out there. Most people who wish they would have gone for it in their youth, will not go for it in their mature years. They have mortgages, children, spouses, comfy jobs et cetera. So, you have to see that a school may not have had a “qualified” candidate of non-trad status. Just because you and I may think someone is qualified, does not mean the school does. It may or may not have something to do with age. There just might be a few more people who are just young and amazing. A school seemingly not friendly to us OPM’s may have not had the opportunity to interview a truly qualified OPM. So, take everything you read with a grain of salt and contact the schools that you want to attend.

Personally I don’t think there’s any school that “cater’s” to nontrad’s, but there are those schools which seem to have quite a few of them. GWU and Case Western would be my top 2 choices.

IMHO, I also think now is too late for the 2010 entering class unless you have a record that’s stellar in every way combined with some familial or other strong contacts. Competition is just too stiff and getting stiffer it seems thanks to the economy.