Best physics study guide?

I took physics about 9 years ago, anyone know a good refresher guide? Physics is the section I need the most work on for the MCAT, if anyone has some helpful study hints or know of books that really helped I would love to hear about them!

I’ve been using The MCAT Physics Book by Garrett Biehle (Nova Press; ISBN: 1-889057-33) to pretty good effect. I also go back to my Physics text from the classes I took to look for exercises in areas that I need to polish a little (we used Giancoli’s Physics text, 6th. ed.). The Exam Krackers MCAT Physics book is pretty helpful too.

Ultimately, whatever helps you wrap your mind around the concepts is what you should use. Some people are just fine with what they learned from their Physics text. Some folks (like myself) need a little hand-holding through the mathier [yes, I know that is a bogus word… and I used it anyway! =P ] bits. That’s why I like the Nova book.

Good luck!


Thanks for the book ideas! I’ll have to track down that Nova book, sounds like something that might help me out. Between working full time, night classes, and studying for the MCAT I need all the help I can get!