Best place for physics I and II in one summer?

Hi there,

I was contemplating taking Physics I and II next summer, together to be done in 3 months.

Anyone know of any schools/programs that offer this?

I am doing the rest of my pre-reqs at UC Berkeley Extension and we could re-locate for the summer. Thanks!

I’m gonna vote on “no where”, unless you’re planning to be a physics major.

I second that. Physics is tough (or at least, it can be), and summer classes are brutal in general. Better to take it during the regular school year and have a better chance at getting that A.

I have to agree with the other replies that it probably isn’t the best idea to jam a year of Physics into one 14 week Summer session, especially when we OPMs need to retain that imformation. That being said, my school in Southwestern PA offers a ton of Science doubles during Summer. The classes are split into 7 week sessions Classes are Monday through Thursday 8am-1pm (this includes the lab times).

Caveat: I am taking physics over a full year, as my own math skills are quite rusty (despite a full year of college calculus, I’ve used nothing but on-the-job algebra…mostly ratios… the last 14 years). However, a nursing colleague told me about Portland State University’s summer physics program that she used to complete her physics requirement (she’s just shy of a Master’s in bio-statistics). She was happy with the program, though she is also quite sharp with a very analytical mind. The school is in Portland, OR - not a bad place to spend the summer, though I am a bit biased.

Best of luck with whatever you decide!


The Southern California University of Health Sciences is another place that meets your requirements. It is supposedly accredited by WASC but please do your own research. Link below – then click on Schedule of Classes in the menu on the left. Each course is covered in one month via intensive weekend sessions - 8 hours each on Saturdays and Sundays, I believe. I don’t have any opinions about the course format - just offering the link for you to research.

I highly highly highly highly recommend against this. I tried to take Physics I in a very condensed course and ended up having to withdraw because it was just too much for me.

So, now I have a W on my transcript. I would caution you to not make the same mistake unless you have ample amounts of free time and a natural aptitude for physics.

I have no aptitude for physics, so think that a year-long class is much better. Thanks for the input folks!