Best prep tests...

Hey all!!!

What’s everyone’s opinion on the best practice exams for the MCAT? Aside from the official AAMC ones of course.

I hear Gold Standard, Kaplan, BR, EK, Princeton Review, etc. are all good but are some are better so I hear.

If there is anyone with more experience please let me know.

Thanks for any and all help :slight_smile:

Do you need more exams or more passages?

Honestly if you haven’t done the official AAMC ones, those should be sufficient prep for the test.

If you are looking for additional passages (along with whatever prep you are doing) I would look at:

-AAMC self-assessments (all)

-Passages in Official Guide to MCAT book

If you truly do need more tests (or you burned AAMCs already), I’m not sure really. I guess I can recommend the BR ones but that’s based on my success with their passages; I haven’t actually taken them.

More exams would be ideal.

I ordered the AAMC ones and I took FL#3 (didn’t do so well…)

However, I heard some pretty good advice on here relating that you want to prepare as much as humanly possible the first time so that you only have to take the real test once and only once.

So I’m preparing…and preparing…and preparing, LoL!!

Now I heard that Gold Standard has 10 exams and are cheap, I also heard that TBR has CBT exams as well but are significantly more expensive.

I am honestly looking for practice exams that give me the most bang for my buck (aside from the AAMC one’s of course)…

Thinking about taking one a week…or there a bouts…

I did 5 or 6 Kaplan tests as part of their on-demand class. To me, combining the Kaplan tests and the AAMC tests into one would more closely resemble the MCAT I had on test day.

I’m of the mindset, though, that you should take as many tests as required for you to become comfortable with the pacing and shortcut techniques like rounding, estimating, and eliminating the obvious wrong answers. Also…verbal verbal verbal and more verbal helped me out immensely. Unless you take a TON of tests, you’ll never really see all of the testable content. Opinions on whether or not the company that makes the test matters in the end???

I pressed hard on testable content (i.e. review books) and did the tests to ease some of the test-centric anxiety…still ended up screwing up my pacing on test day