Best way to do this

Short version…will be graduating from Pharmacy school in 6 weeks. Undergrad GPA: 3.2. Grad GPA: 3.2 (consistent, but not high). Research with pub. Would a post-bac be good for me? I want to apply to both MD and DO programs.

all depends on what your pharm degree has and the grads in core science. It would seem on the surface that a post-bacc would suit you but probably need a little more info/understanding of your background?

Graduated in 2002 with a BA in French. Have not taken Physics 2, but have all of the other requirements. Need to take MCAT. UG 3.2 w/141 credit hours.

with your BA being in 2002, you probably took gen chem and organic over 10 years ago. Your overall GPA is a bit low and you should make breakout of your science GPA for UG. You probably would benefit from a Post-Bacc and an MCAT prep class.

Med schools are going to be Very Curious as to why you are immediately jumping to med schools after just finishing up a pharm degree. They will wonder if you are a perpetual student who doesn’t know what career path to follow. Are you prepared to deal with this issue?