Best way to figure out what classes replace what

For AACOMAS GPA reasons.

If I took courses (ahem, if by “took” I mean enrolled and partied instead) a while back at one university, and now am at another retaking similar classes, how can I tell if they will successfully replace them or not? Is there an easy way? Probably not

The best way to know if the course are a “match” is to do the following:

  1. Look at the course description from the first university and compare to the current. If they match up, you SHOULD be fine.

  2. Courses to medical school should have more “rigor” and not be a “survey” or “intro” class. That is, if you took an “Intro” type course in the past and now you are taking the “next level up”, you SHOULD be fine!


    Consult your advisor AND the schools to which you are going to apply!

    Good luck!

that’s kinda what I figured… was hoping there was some AOA cross-referencing tool. oh well, thanks!