Best way to meet pre-reqs?

Hello everyone! After quietly observing this forum for the last three years, I am finally making my first post!

Here’s a question for you; I am a junior at a four-year institution on my way to a BA in Psychology. I am planning on taking some of the med school pre-reqs as my electives. What won’t fit, I will need to finish outside of my degree, and will probably finish them at a CC for logistical and financial reasons.

When my transcripts are sent to medical schools that I apply at, will it make a difference that some were taken at a university as part of my B.A., and that some were taken stand-alone at a CC? I’m thinking it won’t matter, but wanted to check.

I am a 31 year-old three-quarters time student, and a full time working adult…and it IS alot!



Welcome to the site.

Man people before asked the question ‘4-year-university or CC’.

And universal answer is: Yes, it does matter; meaning: take your classes - ESPECIALLY PREREQUISITES - in a 4-year-institution whenever possible!

There are people who take their prerequisites in a CC (usually b/c their schedule is more accommodating, the tuition is more affordable, etc), and they get accepted to medical school. But it not the preferred route.

What do you mean by ‘what won’t fit in your degree’? I don’t think there is a penalty for taking more classes than bare minimum required for your degree. Can you just take these classes at the university you’re just now, and graduate a semester or two later? If it’s absolutely not an option, I’d contact the schools you’re particularly interested to apply to in the future and talk to the admission people about their opinion on prerequisites from CC. Some schools are more open-minded in this matter than others.

Good luck.

Thanks for the response! I will have to check with my school, but my understanding is that the UC system is quick to boot you out of the school once you meet you 180 credit requirement for your BA. I could be wrong on this…anyone know that attends or has attended a UC?