Better Late than Never

Hellooooooo, OPM!

I am so happy to run across this site that I could just burst. I’ll give you guys my career goals/educational stats in a sec, but let me just say that there is just something very, very cool about finding a group of like-minded individuals. Knowing that there is at least ONE other person, let alone a whole site full of folks, stressing/about to stress/or have stressed in the past over the same things you are is…comforting.

I’m 27, no husband/no kids, with a bachelor’s in print journalism(UH-2005). I’m post-bacc at Lamar in SE Texas and I’m about halfway thru my pre-reqs. I will begin studying for the MCAT next spring/summer and then onto the rest of the application process. I plan to enter med school in the fall of 2010.

I’m a “first things first” kinda girl, so doing my best to get high marks has my entire attention these days. And like many non-traditionals here, this is much more than I can say for my first go-round as an undergrad. I was originally pre-pharmacy as a freshman in 2000, but got weeded out by Organic Chem b/c I didn’t make the time for it - I had no dedication.

Oh, but those days are sooo over.

Back when I switched from pre-pharm to communications, though I now have the greatest affection for all things communications-related, I knew I was copping out. That’s not the career I envisioned and it’s why I was MISERABLE for the last three years. 10 jobs since December 2005 and that is no exaggeration. But luckily, they’ve all led me back to my first loves - math and science. And I must say that it feels fabulous to have scholastic motivation again.

I can’t wait to dialogue with you all. Wish me luck, guys!!

best of luck, Mika!

best of luck to you - but do not loose those communication lessons either. True – you can earn a medical degree and go hide in a lab somewhere doing your math and science. But most docs are out there dealing with the public on a daily basis.

Yes, you will get hammered with science on the way there, but I find on a daily basis it is only a part of what I do. I have to do do a good job COMMUNICATING that science to many whose ability to grasp what I am saying is limited. I don’t care if you do know all the details of the Angiotensin system - If you can’t convince Joe the plumber of the importance of keeping his blood pressure under control you will be of no use to him.

So save those skills from your unwanted undergrad experience - couple them with the science and you can be a very good doc

Thanks, ttraub!

Very sound advice, swy55.