Bio2 and Gen Chem 2 over the summer

Hey everyone, has anyone taking Bio2 or Gen. Chem. 2 w/labs over the summer? I plan on taking them this summer in a Summer 1 and Summer 2 schedule (five weeks each) and NOT at the same time. I will not be working, just school fulltime. I just want to know what I am getting into. I am currently doing well in both Bio 1 and Gen. Chem 1.

I know there was a post on here last year about Organic Chemistry / Physics over the summer but not Gen Chem2 or Bio2.

Thanks for your replies.



I am teaching BIO1 over summer I. I know a bit about BIO2. I think that you can easily do what you want, especially if you are doing well now and if you don’t work outside of your classes. Under these conditions, I think it will even be easy to do so (but it’s hard to be objective here given my science background).

The most important, given the intensity of the courses is to keep up with the homework and spend time every day after class reviewing the concepts for the day. Similarly spending each week-end reviewing the entire content of the course covered is important to “fix things” and not forget as you go.

This helps you do well all along and especially in “comprehensive” exams that count for a lot.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

Agree with redo-it-all 100%. Definitely doable. And great advice as to how to do well.

I actually liked the intensity of taking gen chem over the summer (but I also like word problems ).

Best of luck!

Thanks guys for the post. I know those five weeks are going to be crazy and my overall data retention might be compromised.

That is the good thing about taking a Kaplan / Princeton course before the MCAT as a refresher.

Let us, who may have to consider this in the future, know how it goes please!