Biochem I vs. Intro Biochem

My school has Biochem 1 & 2 series (400-level) for biochem majors and also have Intro to Biochem (300-level).

I only have time for 1 biochem class this coming fall. Which one should I take? Biochem 1 or Intro to Biochem?

I will be taking the spring semester off and focus on MCAT, that’s why I only have time for one.

I can only tell you what has worked for me. When I first got into college, I took an “overview” calculus course. Later, I took the regular two-semester series. I got As in all, but I greatly preferred the latter. Same story in physics, but worse: I actually flunked out of my intro to physics course, the one designed for premeds, and took a W in it. Later, remembering my calculus experience, I took the two-semester intro to physics and excelled. So based on my experience, I would definitely take the first semester of the two-semester course, and perhaps take the second half during my otherwise blank spring semester while studying for the MCAT.

I’ve got a pet peeve about classes called “Introduction to…” this and that, or “Beginnings in…” It makes the class sound namby pamby on your transcript.

Meanwhile sometimes those classes are really hard. And sometimes they are BS.

I say take the full strength BioChem and study hard; I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. But first see if you can look at a syllabus, or talk to someone else whose taken it. At my school Biochemistry is offered through the Biology and Chemistry departments both, and both are hard (by reputation), but the Chemistry version is exclusively judged by three exams and a final, whereas the Biology version cushions it somewhat with a lab section (and an added credit). My personal motto is: Premed, challenge thyself…as long as you’re 100% sure you can get an A.