I am planning the pre-reqs I have leftover and I’m wondering if MCAT prep courses cover enough about biochemistry in order for me to do well on the MCAT? If not, then obviously I should look to do a biochemistry course, and would an online biochemistry be a smart choice? I go to a small community college that doesn’t even offer it :confused: and the closest school that does is an hour away.

Hi RagingBull, I am facing a very similar situation. I invested in Kaplan Online + Book materials for the MCAT and from my understanding in getting into them, they provide the information that will be covered on the MCAT through their resources. A potentially accelerated option for you could be obtaining the materials and taking the practice exams to see how comfortable you are with mastering the concepts independently. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, you could then pursue an in-class/online option. I am a post-bacc and am continuing my education at a local community college in order to maximize education and minimize costs. My institution does not provide this course either, but there are some 4-year colleges in the area that offer continuing education in BioChem and also offer them at satellite locations. You might check to see if there is something similar in your area as well!

I hope this, or someone with more information, is able to help!