Biochemistry and Anatomy Review

I have a question to those who are past step 1 or preparing for it! I need good review books for biochemistry and anatomy; biochemistry - b/c I already forgot half of it, and anatomy b/c (at least first part of it) I’ve never learn it. I was thinking that I would review these two classes during the summer and I’m not sure which books to choose - should I go with BRS series, or is there anything better than that?

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Granted, it has been a while since I sat for Step 1; however, I generally found that if I focused my attentions at the depth of the BRS series I did pretty well on my exams, both in class ones & the Boards. I also used Kaplan Q-bank extensively for step 2, did not exist for step 1 (I think).

Just to polish up a bit & snag a few extra points, I also picked up a copy of Buzzwords for the Board. No, it does not teach you concepts or applications, but I used it only over the final week or two prior to Boards because I figured on questions where I am stumped, by chance, I might have picked up on a few word/concept associations to garner a few extra points. I would certainly not make this book a major part of your prep, but I thin it probably helped me raise my score a small bit. And, it is was for more digestible in the final days than any more heavy-text studying.

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There’s not a lot of anatomy on the boards. You’re probably fine with what’s in First Aid for both anatomy and embryology. BRS biochem is pretty good, I also liked High Yield Biochem and used it for both boards and the Biochem shelf. I also found the last (not the newest) edition of High Yield Cell and Molecular Biology to be very good (and it rehashes some biochem as well).

Thank you guys for your input.

It looks like I’ll be able to get all the books mentioned for less than I expected! M2s just started selling theirs and they go for anywhere between $1 and $5 per book!

The M3 who’s mentoring our board prep small group also says older editions are fine for many of these (he paid 50 cents for his hi-yield neuro online and scored very well).