biochemistry and neuroscience

Hey everyone!!!

I’ve heard biochem and neuroscience are two of the hardest classes for M1’s. Will someone please give me a synopsis on what to expect from these classes? On average, how many study hours should be allocated for these courses, as well as other M1 courses? Any advice is useful, and thanks in advance!!!


For Biochem, I’m not sure what to tell you about hours to allocate. I usually pre-read lecture notes on the weekends, review lectures an average of an hour or two a day during the week–a little more if it’s a pathway-intensive week–and make flashcards for flashcardy things plus a couple of hours of generalized panic on the weekends. I think.

Really the study hours all blur together for different topics and I suspect each school teaches Biochem a little differently, so your mileage will vary anyway.

I spend more time on Biochem than embryology or anatomy, but not more time than both combined.

It may really vary quite a bit depending on how each school teaches the subjects and the professors teaching the subjects. Some schools “integrate” biochemistry throughout the year as they study different organ systems. Other schools do biochem as a separate “course” along with other courses in a quarter/block. Overall, I have found the biochemistry so far to be much easier than the undergrad biochem class I took and neuroscience, although a TON of material, wasn’t particularly difficult (although I have yet to do my last neuro section).

I don’t think anybody can really give you any concrete numbers on how many study hours you will need for each subject not only because every school varies so much in what they teach when (and sometimes how), but also because each person varies in how they learn best. It’s also tough to predict how much study time you will need overall. Some people have to put in a ton of time to pass, some people put in a ton of time because they want to have the best class rank possible, and most people have to balance their time to accomodate family, etc and get grades that are acceptable to them.

thank you for the advice… i really appreciate this…


I do both flash cards and these condensed notes thing for review review then review!