Biology B.S. or B.A.

What do you think about that? I know that from pre-med prequisites point of view it doesn’t really matter as long as I take all of them and do good on MCAT.
It would take me probably one semester longer to get B.S. than B.A. - for now I’m taking classe common for both…so I have some time to decide.
What can I do with B.A. in Bilogy? (I’d like to work somewhere before I get admitted to Med School)…
I know that having B.S. in Biology I can do some lab scientific job, I can work of example as a dentist assitant, or veterinary technician etc…
What can I do with B.A.? (if it happens that I won’t get admitted the 1st year?)

I’d talk to some folks in the biology department, who should be able to give you fairly specific guidance about this. My own feeling, which is definitely just a personal and uninformed opinion, is that a B.A. gives you more freedom to pursue other academic interests, whereas a B.S. would be the right choice if you are really intensively interested in the science. Don’t assume a B.S. in biology would make you employable - I would check out that assumption with someone in the department.

There is no difference in either. BA simply means that the school you obtained your degree from is a Liberal Arts school and the BS comes from a professional school.
Example: I went to Rutgers University and the school has many colleges. If someone graduated from Rutgers College they would get a B.A. Biology. If someone graduated from Cook College, they would get a B.S.Biology.
But the requirements are the same. A degree is a degree is a degree.

Thank you for the replies.
I’ll talk to the advisor about this, next time I’ll see her - that is some time in the middle of the semester when I start planning schedule for another smester. for now as I said - I’m taking classes common for both of them (it’s almost the same - B.S. requires more scinces, while B.A. more humanities - but core classes are the same)

Well it depends my school is a liberal arts school but I am receiving a BS …I think that the bachelor of science is for those that graduate with science degrees right?

Interesting question. As a previous poster mentioned BA generally implies more of a liberal arts background. This is not to say that one could not earn a BS from a liberal arts college. Yet, liberal arts colleges are generally quite proud of the well rounded liberal arts background. For instance, I have a BS degreee with a major in nursing . I received the degree from a liberal arts college. However, my graduate degree is a MSN granted by the University of Iowa, College of Nursing. Universities with numerous Colleges often grant BS… degrees.
I agree with Mary, I would check with individuals in the biology department. Practically speaking, I would think there is no difference;although, there is a theoretical difference. However, it is best to check with those who know.