Biology for non-majors?

Hi, I am new at this website and to being a pre-med student. After much thought, I’ve decided to pursue the path to becoming a doctor. In the spring I will be enrolling in a university and majoring in Chemistry. I am currently taking classes at a community college and am enrolled in Bio for non-majors. I know that I would have to take some upper level Bio classes to not only fulfill my 1 year of Bio requirement, but to demonstrate my ability to keep up with a “more difficult” university course. I’m just wondering what non-Bio majors usually take - the same Bio classes as the Bio majors, or some other version of it? Depending on which track of Chemistry I go into, I may need the type of Bio the majors take, non-major Bio, or none at all.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated

You will ultimately need one year of bio, gen chem, organic chem, and physics, and all of these should be for science majors. All things being equal it’s better to take pre-requisite classes at the university, but non-bio-major biology might be fine just for getting your feet wet adn getting back intot eh sciences. I hope this helps!

Thanks Denise