Blackberry addict-eTrade commercial

Coming from someone seriously addicted to their Blackberry…I love this commercial…“Oh you bad girl!”…ROTFLMAO… mp;fea…

I love that one!!! I just got a new blackberry and I love it…

I am definitely addicted to my Crackberry…it is ridiculous…check out for stuff and also they have a great forum is you have any questions, just do a search for your question…The eTrade commercials just crack me up!


Had my BlackBerry Storm for about 3 months now… not sure I like it but I LOVED my BB Curve before that. I don’t know if I’d survive without my BB.

Sad, isn’t it?

I really wanted the storm but alltel doesn’t have it, so I got the curve, and I adore it. I’m not sure how I got along without it before. And yes my love of the phone is ridiculous but I don’t care!