Blood pressure


My hgv medical is due and I’ve booked it in for March 15th, so I thought before that date I’ll have my MOT and get checked for prostrate cancer as it’s quite common in my family. I was told I’m fat which I already knew and that my blood pressure is high the lowest reading was 140/91 and highest was 175/110. The doctor has put me on blood pressure tablets and I’m now slimming to see if that’ll reduce it as I’m not really keen on taking tablets. My question is, if my blood pressure is reduced by the time I have my medical and it falls within the normal range am I ok to drive as long as I keep taking the tablets to keep it within that range. She’s also arranged for me to have an ECG which has to be declared on the medical form so would that affect me keeping my licence even if it comes back normal??. So brassed off as I’m actually getting confident and look forward to driving and now this

Any help will be apprecited.

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