BME with just a few pre reqs not accounted for

Hi! I recently graduated with a biomedical engineering degree and I’ve been working in the electrophysiology lab in Philly with a medical company for a year since then. I’ve always thought about wanting to be an OBGYN and recently the thought has popped into my head just about every day so I think I’m going to go for it.

Problem is that I didn’t do premed. The only difference between the track I did and the premed tract at Georgia Tech are:
CHEM 2, Orgo 1, Orgo 2, and biochemistry
(And all of their respective labs so I am looking in Philly area)

I’ve looked at the post bacc programs and they do have great hours for a working girl, but most of the classes that a required for them I have already taken and apparently you can’t just cherry pick the ones you want.

Is the best way to do this just try to take each one non matriculated? I called a few schools around me and it’s like they don’t let you take these specific classes unless you’re in the post bacc program.

Has anyone else dealt with this?
I appreciate any and all advice!! :slight_smile: