Book recommendation

I am anxiously awaiting the start of the semester and I love to read, I stumbled upon this book “Intern”, by Sandeep Jauhar. Excellent depiction of what residency would look like. I would recommend it.

I dug up the link to the thread for you—

I personally did not care for intern whatsoever. Just my opinion though. I have an extensive medical book library collection. There is a thread in the discussions section that has intern blues in the title. Something to the effect of On your recommendation I am reading Intern Blues…

You can find it, there is however quite a bit of discussion about different leisure medical narratives and historicals that are discussed in there. Check it out. You will find quite a few you may want to dive into before the semester begins…

“House of God” has been held as THE book that all future physicians should read. I read it over winter break of my third year of medical school and found it very depressing, at times making me very angry…don’t quite understand why people are so excited about it, but I guess it just doesn’t “speak” to me.

A couple of other good books are “Complications”, “The Tennis Partner”, and “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”.

Read for enjoyment before you get to med school because you lose much of that opportunity after that!

A really good book on stroke and the plasticity of the mind is “My Stroke of Insight,” written by a neuroscientist who walks you through her stroke with a lot of detail. A very easy read.

I just finished Intern and feel it was worth the time but I was kind of surprised it took him so long to stop questioning his interest in medicine. just my 2c.