Books on Medical Schools

Hi, There are a lot of books out there on Med School prep. Can anyone recommend a good book describing Med Schools and their programs?

Thanks. Sonja

It’s called the MSAR…

Thanks Jeff!


I would not buy the thing. I’d go to your closest medical school or health services profession advising office. They generally have them there, for free, to look at and review.

Great advice. Thanks!

It’s also on closed reserve at many undergraduate campus libraries.

I used the copy at my premed advisory office, but I got the impression that it would be rather useful to have my own copy. For $25 (IIRC), it may be a worthwhile investment.

And for the unofficial scoop on a school it always helps to look at the school x vs. school y threads on student doctor. Just search for your school of interest.

There are plenty of places to get a copy for free, but it’s nice to own because you can mark it up and not too expensive.

The new version comes out every year in April (usually late April). The statistics are updated and the med schools may also revise the text information that they supply to AMCAS prior to publication. It’s a good reference to have during the year that you are applying to medical school.