Boston area - which school to go for post bac premed


I need some advise on which school to choose for post bac premed… My options are Harvard, Tufts, BU and UMASS… While I was strongly inclined towards Harvard initially, their do it all yourself policy is making me think again(they seems to provide no help with placing you in hospitals for volunteering - this is very important for me as I don’t have a medical background and zero volunteering experience in medical field)

Please help me out with this…


i actually did the harvard post bacc program and think very highly of the courses. you’re right that they don’t place you in a hospital, but i lucked out and found a research assistant position at the children’s hospital. i just emailed a bunch of doctors to see if they needed any assistance, and one worked out.

the classes are in the evenings, and because they’re open enrollment they will be filled during the first few weeks. after the first midterm, it usually dwindles down to those who are really committed.

i took the mcat late, so i’m a year behind all my friends. but they said they felt prepared. and if anything, you should dr. fixsen’s biology class cuz everyone raves about him once they get into med school~

hope this helps~