Boston university Post-Bac Premed

Does anyone know anything about Boston University’s Post-Bac Premed program from personal experience? The website is absolutely minimal and so is the information they sent me.

Hi Straight,

I’m a student in the Boston University Post-bac program. I started in September of 2006. The program is actually a Master’s in Sciences, not a typical post-bac. That means that you don’t take any of the pre-med requirements (bio, gen chem, orgo, physics). Students are typically pre-med students who need to boost their GPA before applying or people like me who’ve been out of school for so long that they need to get back in the game. The classes for the program are a selection of first year med school classes, biochemistry, physiology, histology, endocrinology and immunology, interspersed with elective courses. The classes are taught by the same professors that teach the med students and some of the classes are taken with the med students.

The program is strong as far as the classwork but doesn’t provide the intense hand-holding around the application process that some other schools do. Its also very large (about 180 students) and quite expensive. You take most of your classwork in the first year and then write a thesis in the second year while appying to schools. About 30 students a year get into BU and they claim that 80-90% get into medical school. I am in my second year now and waiting to hear from schools. I haven’t received an acceptance yet so right now I’m not feeling that happy with the program. I may have more enthusiatstic things to say later if I ever receive an acceptance. Maya