Bought the US News Ultimate Guide to Medical Schools yesterday...

For those that get on SDN, you may have already seen my post in the non-trad forum. I thought I’d post here as well.

The USNWR version is soooo much more informative than Barron, which is a waste of several trees for a useless text in my opinion. I was originally going to use the word ‘futile’ to describe Barron, and noticed that a synonym of futile is ‘barren.’ Ha.

Anyhow, for those you have yet to read it, the US News version provides a fairly comprehensive evaluation of all the medical schools, from the usual GPA, MCAT scores, requirements, acceptance rates, rank in primary care/research, etc., to admission policies provided by the schools, description of curriculum, popular residencies chosen by students at their respective schools, and percentage of students not coming directly from college after graduation. The last one is a statistic I looked at on all the schools I’m interested in and noticed there are a good few that have anywhere from 25% up to 40%. According to the Mayo Clinic profile, 43% didn’t come straight from college. Hopkins is 36%. The admission policies give you a much clearer picture as to what they are looking for. While for some it seems to be straight up GPA and MCAT, others want to look at the individual. Of course, getting pass the first hoop of screenings has to be done either way.

Anyhow, just wanted to share that with you guys.

Thanks for the info southpawslugger…is this part of the magazine subscription or is this a separate publicatiton that you can pick up in a bookstore?


Separate publication. Found in the Career Guides/Study Guides section. Got mine at Barnes and Nobles although the other stores may carry it as well.

the best book to get for med school admissions info is the MSAR (medical school admissions requirements) published by the AAMC. everything else is subpar…



that statistic lumps together people who are one year out of college with people who are twenty years out of college, and there are a LOT more of the former than the latter… so don’t go reading too much into the number.