BS/MD programs

Hi I am new to this forum so I would like to say hello. I am 28 years old, to be 29 next week and I have not completed my undergrad degree. I am an ultrasound technologist and would like to go to medical school. It has always been my dream and I think that I would be a great doctor. I have 52 college credits but not all in science. I have been looking into the BS/MD programs but have found that they only offer that to high school students. Does anyone know of a school that offers that to non traditional students? Any help would be great, thank you.

Can I ask why you are looking at BS/MD vs. the traditional route? With 52 credit hours (assuming most of them can be applied to a degree and are semester hours), you have already completed almost two years of college coursework and, in theory, should only need another two to three years to complete your BS. Most BS/MD programs have two to three years of undergrad before starting the MD portion, so you wouldn’t really be saving yourself any time. Plus, in the time you spend applying for a BS/MD program, you could probably complete another year of coursework.

Admissions to most BS/MD programs are at least as competitive, if not more competitive, than traditional med school admissions, due to the limited number of spots.

In any case, the AAMC lists 34 BS/MD programs at ee2.cfm?data=yes&program= bsmd.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to visit each school’s site to find out their admissions requirements.

Thank you so much for the reality check. I guess it is much wiser to just complete my degree and then apply to med school. I thought that I would be sving time but looking at the programs on the link you provided I realized that it would be the same amount of time. I have 2 years worth of credits but most of them would count as electives if I were to obtain an undergrad degree in science. Thank you for the answer. I really appreciate it.

You don’t actually have to obtain your undergraduate degree in science as long as you complete the required prerequisites for med school. Major in something you love, or alternatively, something you can complete efficiently with the credits you have. That might be a shortcut you CAN use effectively!

You are right. I am trying to register now at my local college to do all the science pre reqs. I have done a few but they are over 5 years old and I am told that med schools don not accept sciences over 5 years. Thanks so much 4 the advice.

If by “local college” you mean Community College, be wary. For good or for ill, many AdComs consider CC courses to be less rigorous than University courses.

The general consensus is that taking a few CC courses is not a bad thing - especially if that fits best into your location, budget, and schedule. However, you’ll want to take the bulk of your coursework - especially the science pre-reqs - at the most rigorous institution that is feasable for you.

And welcome!