B's - !?

Hi everyone,

Transferring in the fall to a four-year state school, only had two B’s in first 18 months of college - but lately with all the math (Stats/Pre-Calc/Trig and now Calculus) I recieved another three B’s (well, not done with Calc, but I’m headed towards a B) for a total of five B’s on my academic record. This has pulled my average down to a 3.5 ish and I am worried as I haven’t even begun the science pre-reqs (outside of Calculus). Is it worth re-taking a couple of courses to pull it up to an A? I am 31 and work full time, etc., but am not in a huge rush to get to med school. If I’m in by 35 or 36 I’d be happy. I still have another two years worth of course work - but I’m not sure if it’s enough to bring me up to a 3.7 or 3.8.

Thoughts? Thank you!!


math classes are not as important for med-schools as other science prerequisites are… The only problem is that they are bringing your science GPA down. That being said, I’d rather focus on biology, chemistry, orgo and physics and tried to get As in these. Even if you retake the math classes and get As, the new grades are not going to replace your Bs… and the GPA is going to increase to 3.5. You can get the same end result with your Bs in math and As in remaining science classes.

3.5 is not a bad GPA. Try to figure out what exactly is keeping you from getting As and fix it.


Ok, thanks so much for the response! Appreciate it!

Hey that was a great question. Thanks for asking it. I am always filing away information in my head just in case I experience that in the future. Math, in the past, has not been a strong point of mine. Good to know.