BSME Wanting an MD or DO Help!

Hi everyone. I am brand new to this forum and glad I found it. So far it has been pretty useful in my quest. I recently graduated with my BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have started to work in the hybrid vehicle technology industry and I’m starting to feel this isn’t the place for me. Since I was little I was always interested in becoming a doctor. I believe I’d be a good one because I’m passionate about helping people, I genuine care for people, and want to have an impact on the way people live their lives. I want some feedback from you on the feasibility of me going to Med School. I have included some of my stats below:

I started off at a Big 10 university studying Electrical Engineering. I had some personal complications along with being enrolled in a degree I didn’t like and thus my grades were low.

I transferred from here back home (state of MI) to a smaller tech school. Here my grades were really really good until my last semester (23 cr hrs) and my overall cumulative graduation GPA was a 3.12.

I took a lot of college level bio classes in HS and really enjoyed them and feel that it’d come back to me quickly. Of the recommended pre-req classes these are the ones I have already completed:

Calc 1 ©

Calc 2 (B)

Calc 3 (B)

Diff EQ (B)

Physics 1 ©

Physics 2 (A-)

Gen Chem 1 ©

Gen Chem 2 (A)

I did take many upper level mechanical engineering courses that I did well in (B to A ranges) however I don’t believe that these will count towards my Med School calculated GPA in the science section.

I recently contacted a local university near me (Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI) and they told me these are the pre-req courses they suggest (beyond the ones I’ve listed as completed above):

Bio 111 - Intro Bio course I

Bio 113 - Intro Bio Course II

Bio 116 - Intro Bio Lab

Bio 321 - Physiology

Bio 322 - Physiology Lab

Bio 325 - Bio Chem I

Bio 326 - Bio Chem Lab

Bio 341 - Genetics

Bio 342 - Genetics Lab

Chem 234 - Organic Chem I

Chem 235 - Organic Chem II

Chem 237 - Organic Chem Lab

Stats class

I have a lot of motivation to do this and feel I have the proper motivation to do well in these courses. While I was in my BS I was always working Full Time and taking large class loads. With these pre-req courses the goal would be to take max of 2 classes and 2 labs a semester while only working part time and doing some volunteer work. What do you all think?

I would really appreciate any and all feedback. I know looking from my Undergrad record I may not be an ideal candidate, but if I do well in these pre-req courses (As and Bs) and score decent on MCAT how do you feel my chances are?

Thank you all very much for your help.



I too live in MI. I would suggest contacting Wayne State’s Medical School and set up an appointment with an adviser who could help navigate you. They have an amazing medical facility and are very accessible. Just a suggestion.

Hey everyone…I don’t mean to be a pain the rear but I would really like some of your feedback on my situation. I see that like 100 people have viewed and only 1 reply. Please if you can give me some of your advice and insight, I could really use it right now.

Thank you!


Hi Raj. I don’t feel qualified to give you advice, but you can certainly search back and see many people have had similar situations and received excellent advice (not from me :). I think the list of recommended courses looks right. My 2 cents…I think you should spend at least a year or two working, with your new degree, and shadow some physicians. That’s what I would do in your situation. Gather information, think about why undergrad wasn’t as good as you wanted it to be, join the working world, and have a break from academia to really listen to the dream in your heart. (IMHO…take it or leave it)

In terms of a less than perfect GPA, someone (Richard?) recommended time, distance, and shielding. I can only speak from my own experiences and say that at the end of my undergrad, I wasn’t ready for this post-bacc work—in lots of ways.

Before you jump in, be SURE that it’s what you want to do and have a plan. You just climbed a mountain, learned a lot, grew a lot…be sure to re-group and be properly prepared for the next mountain. Hope that makes sense. Because you have to have a near-perfect post-bacc GPA to show the upward trend. Also, I think the AdComs can see the post-bacc GPA separately, although all grades count in the overall (i could be wrong about this…)

You are certainly not disqualified from med school based on your undergrad so far…but in order to be competitve and get in, I think you’d have to ramp it up, you know? Welcome to OPM and hope this helps.

PS I think a BSME is a pretty good indication that you’re capable academically…I’m impressed.

I’m in MI too. What a depressing state to live in. So, my heading back to school seems totally appropriate…

When I graduated in 02 they were calling it the worst job market in a long time. Six years have gone by and it has only become much worse!!! Anyhow, I contacted OU as well. Let us know if you make contact with WSU. I haven’t been able to make it down there yet because of my job lately, but I intend to do so. Curious to know what they recommend. I’m registering for some winter classes at a CC just to get back in the school groove since it has been 6 yrs of working full time out of college.

you are right - your GPA is not brilliant. But it is better than my under grad GPA was so I have to say your chances are reasonable. Esp if you do well on the proposed courses, MCAT etc.

Do try to get out and do some medical setting volunteer work and or observation as well if you have not done some. This has two purposes. 1st - it will boost your application credentials. 2nd but more important - it will give you a feel for the medical world without being totally committed. You are proposing a major commitment in terms of both effort and finances. You need to be sure it is a world you really wish to enter.

Hi Raj,

I can’t give you the best advise either, BUT… look at the schools that you want to apply to and find out the prereq’s required. You already have a degree, and just be weary of taking too many classes that aren’t exactly needed for admission to the schools you want (unless you think it would benefit you), I hate to say it but some of these advisor’s are looking at the $$$$.

Best of luck!!!

Hey everyone. Thank you all very much for all your feedback and advice so far. It for sure has NOT fallen on deaf ears and I really appreciate everything. Not to discount anything anyone has said so far, but is there potentially a member who is more experienced or who would feel more comfortable giving me a little more feedback to my situation?

Thank you all again. Now I understand why this message forum is so useful and beneficial.


I found it interesting to see what the average GPA’s for medical schools were/are. I am just starting out myself. I do know that University of Washington has an average of 3.69 GPA. I would never say never, but the current GPA would make me a bit nervous. However, if you totally rocked the MCAT, why not? Are you great at interviewing? You may get them to look past that GPA. I just know that in order for me to feel confident applying to UW, I have to have a competitive GPA. It’s so difficult being younger, and not realizing that average may not be good enough in the future. I sometimes regret I didn’t go to college and get a generic degree. However, I know if I had I would have gotten average grades. Later on I would have figured out my calling and then … ugh. If it’s what you want, you will find a way. Best of luck.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”-Yoda

Hi Raj,

It’s amazing, we are almost exactly in the same situation, and we live in the same city!! I live in Rochester Hills also, and have enrolled in the Post-bacc program at Oakland University, starting with the Bio1 and Physics1 classes in January.

I am an Electrical/Computer Engineer working in the Automotive industry, graduated in 2003 with an overall 3.0 GPA.

Just to make it easier on you, I had already made an appointment and discussed the same issues you have with a Wayne State University Medical School Adcom. Here is some of the information she told me:

a.) The past GPA will not affect as much, as long as you do well in the Post-bacc coursework. The adcoms do see the Post-bacc GPA separately and a BIG improvement from your undergrad will stand-out and make a big difference.

b.) Being in the same boat as you, I will have to work full-time Engineering while completing the Post-bacck coursework. She mentioned that taking part-time classes is ok. It is ok to start-off taking one class a semester to get back into the studying routine, BUT after the first semester you should take AT LEAST two classes a semester.

c.) Needless to say an exceptional score on the MCAT will help the application quite a bit. The average matriculant at WSU Medical school had an average MCAT score of 30.

So like I mentioned I am in the same exact boat as you. I live in Rochester Hills, pretty close to you, so if you want to meetup it would be great and maybe we can go through the Post-bacc fun together and help each other out.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you like: (248) 707-0495.


Look for schools that aren’t number focused. I successfully applied in 1998 with a cum GPA 2.91 (Not an underrepresented minority). I showed steady progression and my last year science GPA was over 3.5. A great MCAT wil grab their attention and your essay must address any less than desirable grades. Don’t ignore them, acknowledge it and be honest. Make sure you crush the MCAT though and you will give the admissions committee a reason to interview you. Once you get the interview, it is a good sign.

If your recent science grades aren’t an improvement, I strongly suggest taking grad classes at a school with a reasonable chance of accepting you and get to know the admissions office. Stop by every week and say hello, ask for advice and you will be amazed at how much they will try to help you.

Worked for me.

Take Biology 1 and 2, Orgo 1 and 2, rock out the MCAT and apply. I like EXAMCRACKERS for a study course.Colleges are a business and they want your money. You’re an engineer…you’re obviously smart…don’t waste the time with the extra classes.

Don’t waste the time…take minimum requirements and apply. You’re obviously smart. Spend time on research/volunteer/shadow ing.

Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and feedback; I really appreciate it. As for now I have decided postpone this decision one more semester and see how I feel and continually evaluate this idea. I think I need to feel out my recent degree and how I like the work environment for a longer period of time before I make this decision. I find my work (hybrid vehicle development) to be interesting and I’m not 100% sure I’m ready to leave it.

Again, thank you all for your help.

Hey anuj,

Are you having to pay graduate tuition to do the post bac at OU? How long did you have to wait for your enrollment app to process and get registered?

I might be out of luck until spring.