Buncha med school books available

Sorry for the cross-post, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up. I just donated & shipped a 30# plus box of books and Board prep stuff to OPM Books for resale. Go to the OPM Home Page and look in the right-hand column for the links & info on OPM Books, our used book resale service.

When you guys follow the link to the OPM Book service…I just figured this out…be sure to click upon the various topical links in the right-hand column. The short list of books that shows up after clicking the home page link is only a small representation of what we have to offer. So, be sure to look in the right-hand column and search by general subject area. Man, we have an absolute ton of very useful stuff in there for CHEAP! And, there's a sale going on too…even some buy one and getn another selection FREE. As students & future med students, you WILL LEARN the value assoc with the term FREE!