Business Marketing Degree>DIY Post Baac

Hey guys!

I will be finishing my undergrad online degree in 6 months— and am enrolling in the local CC to complete my pre-rec’s. At this point the best GPA I could have for undergrad is maybe 2.6 or 2.7. I am hoping that with an upward trend, solid DIY Post Baac grades, CNA 2 experience (Hey admissions, I am dedicated to medicine!) and shadowing experience that I could get into an MD program or Caribbean Med School.

Anyone in a similar situation? Looking to link up!

Kind of similar boat here. I have a 2.77 undergrad GPA and an even worse science GPA, but I have a lot more space between my undergrad years and now. I started a second bachelor’s last week at my local university.

Being a non-trad has been mostly good so far. I’m so much more prepared and driven this time around, and just being an adult with life experience has made some classes like medical terminology easier. My professors have been really understanding and accommodating about me balancing school and kids.

Good luck as you finish up your bachelor’s and start on the post-bacc. What state are you in?