Calc based Physics only?

I was wondering if I have to take the calculus based physics class (general physics) to be prepared for the MCAT or if I could get away with a “basic” physics course that only required Trig. I have taken one semester of Calc…uh, like…eighteen years ago! And I am trying to avoid having to go back and learn it again. Any hope?

The MCAT only requires trig based physics. No calculus needed.

I asked this same question and Judy’s response was, no med school requires calc based physics. I think you can probably search her responses to validate what I just said if you want.

I’m not taking it either, just trig based

Hope that helps.

However, I am adding in as edit:

There are many degrees that require calc based physics, specifically at the U of MN. That can be confusing for some folks as the med school does not require it but the bachelor’s degree does.

For the MCAT there is no calculus of any kind.

basic, general, non-calc trig is fine. (I actually took the calc and the professor told me I would be less prepared for the MCAT than non-calc based physics)

As judy colwell says there is no medical school that REQUIRES calc-based physics. HOWEVER there are few med school that imply more rigorous are preferred and are taken in account when making application decisions.

The below is from the NYU SOM Admissions Requirements

“The Committee on Admissions recommends that if two or more introductory courses are offered by the undergraduate science departments, the student take the more rigorous course. In the cases of inorganic and organic chemistry and general physics, it is strongly recommended that a year’s work be completed, even in colleges where the minimum requirement can be satisfied in one semester. Recommended are additional courses in the biological and quantitative sciences.”

What to do here? Dont risk poor grade or ever worse a bad MCAT by taking an unnecessarily difficult course for the few schools that might weigh its slightly heavier is my opinion