Calculus (Survey of Calculus)

I am a second degree student who previously received a B.A. in Supply Chain Management and a J.D. in Law. I am now enrolled in a bio-chemistry program to complete my pre-med requirements (won’t finish the program). I am curious if anyone knows about schools calculus requirements. I am interested specifically in Duke’s requirements, but would love to hear about other schools. My issue is as follows: I took Calc BC in highschool but did not sit for the AP exam, I then took Survey of Calculus in college with my business major. I have also taken college stats. Does anyone know if I would be expected to take a “real” calc-I course?

Thanks in advance.

Some schools require calc, some don’t. The best resources are the MSAR and each school’s website.

Duke does require a semester of calc: Duke Pre-requisites.

As for whether or not your “Survey of Calculus” course would count, you would need to ask the individual schools. Your high school course will not count as you did not receive college credit for it.

FWIW - calculus is one of those courses that while a pre-req for some schools, is one that doesn’t NEED to be taken prior to applying. It (and biochemistry) can be taken during the “glide” year as most schools typically just require that they be completed prior to matriculation.

Thanks for the information. I will contact Duke directly to determine whether or not a survey of calculus would meet their requirements. The idea of taking calculus during the glide year is very helpful, as I will have plenty of time to focus on it. Thanks again for the quick response!

Many med schools do require Calc. With your background, you should do quite well in it.